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Our Home Loan Services 

The Prodigy Lending Company is an entity of specialists in home loan services and is all over the United States. It is our commitment to offer high-quality home loan services for your home loan needs. Combined with some of the lowest home loan rates and numerous programs in your locality, our outstanding team of experts will work for hand in hand with you to ensure that you get Bedford VA house loan that is designed to specifically meet all your home loan requirements on mortgage needs. 

Nowadays it is not a bother when you are buying a home, a dream house, consolidating a debt or refinancing a mortgage loan for we have a team of qualified loan officers who are highly experienced and will help you find a home loan program that is in possession of low rates. 

Best Home Loan Program 

Conventional or Conforming Mortgage Loan 

  • The mortgage terms are usually flexible
  • Very low down payments needed 
  • Reduced PMI 
  • Rates of interest are often low 

FHA Mortgage Loan

  • Has very high debt to income ration 
  • Qualification requirement are easy 
  • Attractive interest rates 
  • Rehab loans needed 
  • Home deposit of about 3.5 %

Veteran Home Loans

  • Funding goes up to 100 % 
  • Have most preferred rates 
  • Closing costs are often low 
  • It quite easy to qualify 

USDA Mortgage Loan 

  • 100 percent funding 
  • Very low down payments required 
  • Low mortgage insurance costs 
  • You have to qualify for both location and income
  • Rates of interest are usually low
The Prodigy Lending Goal 

We have a goal of establishing a long lasting relationship with every client thus we will be able to continue to offer perfect home loan service for more years in the future. In addition, we are often different from other larger mortgage lending companies since we keep all your information safe and very confidential. This has often made our name trusted across the lending community. 

To directly speak to our customers, we have provided you with many interactive tools on the website. In addition, you can use an alternative which is simply giving a call. 

Our Great Team 




As a team, we are proud to have been the top workplaces for about eight years. This makes us get committed to excellence and feel honored. 

Best Most Competitive VA Loan rate in Bedford City

We have the least rate currently and our home loan centers always provide mortgage loans which are often low for both refinancing and buying. 

Want To Refinance or Purchase A New House? 

On this, you are required to know that mortgage rates are given based on current market conditions in United States. Since these conditions often change, you are required to get a quick no-obligation quote. 

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