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About us

Prodigy lending is a mortgage loan issuing team found throughout the United States of America. We have several home loan products that suit the needs of every home buyer in each area. Our lineup of mortgage officers has many years of experience that make it possible for them to assist our clients in choosing the right mortgage for their specific needs and expectations. We help the homeowner in understanding the VA loans requirements in Coppell as well as other mortgages to determine what is best for them. A home buyer may have the desire to buy a dream or first home, refinance an existing mortgage loan, or even to fuse their debts into one. All these become possible with our products and assistance from our staff.

Finding the right mortgage loan for you

Conventional home loans 

A home buyer can use conventional loans to buy primary homes or dream homes or even investment property. The loans do not enjoy government protection, and it is the private lenders who issue them. The following are some of the features of conventional home loans:

  • Low down payment of 3%
  • The mortgage insurance is less than that of FHA loans
  • The repayment period can stretch to 10, 15, 20, or 30 years
  • With approved scores, the interest rates can go down
  • The mortgage does not have lending charges

FHA home loans

FHA home loans are government-guaranteed through the Federal Housing Administration, but private lenders fund them. They also have many characteristics, which include: 

  • Low down payment of 3.5%
  • Easy eligibility requirements
  • Their interest rates are attractive
  • They have rehab loans for fixing any defects in the house
  • The DTI ratio is not high

VA home loans

Eligible veterans and other service members can use these loans for their various needs. We help our clients to go through the VA home loans guidelines in Coppell and other places to use them without any hitches. The loans also have various features that include: 

  • 100 % financing
  • Zero mortgage insurance
  • Low closing costs on the VA loans
  • They have easy qualification requirements
  • They offer the best rates for a government loan

USDA home loans

These loans are best for a home buyer who may want to purchase a home in areas marked as rural. The mortgage loans also have a government-guarantee, and they have many features that include: 

  • 100% financing 
  • Low-interest rates with zero down payment
  • Minimal interest rates for 100% loans
  • The mortgage insurance cost is low
  • The property must be in a location that qualifies for rural
  • One must have an income that is enough to cater for the loan obligation

Our primary goal is to have a cordial and strong bond with our customers to continue providing our quality services even in the future. We always maintain the safety and privacy of your data, and by so doing, we have gained trust in the whole lending market. As our client, you have the privilege to call our experienced staff for any help or guidance.

We have been offering excellent home loan services for more than seventeen years, and for this reason, we have scooped the Top Work Places award for the last eight years.

Since the market condition may change, it would be advisable for our clients to try our superior products now and experience the current VA home loan rates in Coppell and also enjoy using other products. Contact us for a quote today.