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About us

The main objective of a Prodigy lending is to establish long term bond with each of our clients through the provision of mortgage services that meet their needs. In the US, we have professional mortgage specialists who are determined to meet customers need by guiding them on the most competitive home loans rates in the market. The rates are typically based on market conditions, but one is sure to get the obligation quote free of charge. 


FHA home loans

Get to own a home with FHA loans since we allow you to make 3.5% down payment from grant funds. We also make it relaxed for you to qualify by being lenient on customers credit score. Unlike the conventional which require good rating FHA accept a credit score as low as 580 and high debt to income ratio. The good thing is that all these benefits are wrapped up with competitive interest rates, which will make you wonder why some people still do not own homes. The only catch is you got to get a PMI, and the loan will be quickly approved. 

VA home loans

The veterans and serving military have not to be left out in homeownership. VA home loans in Dallas and other parts in the US has been designed just for them. They do not have to worry about the down payment as the loans give 100 percent financing. The state backs the VA home loans in Dallas, and therefore, we give very competitive rates with no closing cost. There is also no mortgage insurance needed from our clients, and this makes it easier for many to qualify.

USDA home loans

Apart from the VA home loans in Dallas, USDA is another mortgage that gives 100%finacing. This implies that the borrower does not need to raise any down payment. The only trick is that one has to be ready to own a house in rural and other approved places. Those with the required minimum income get competitive interest charges with low mortgage financing.

Conventional home loans

Worried about the rates yet you have an excellent credit score? Worry no more. The conventional loan gives exceptional interest rates for those who have approved scores with only 3% down payment. You also do not have to pay the lender fee, and the mortgage cost is quite low. The borrower can also choose a term that is best according to the monthly repayment ability. We give 10-30 years of term options. 

We have been into the mortgage industry for over 17 years. We have been able to provide award-winning services to our clients throughout the entire period. From 2011 to 2018, we were recognized as the Top Workplace in the US, and this will intend to keep it by ensuring our employee enjoy their work environment.

Prodigy lending has also earned trust across the lending community because of our policy of keeping clients information private. Feel free to call us or interact with our professional experts on our website. You will be sure to get a low-cost mortgage that meets your needs.