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Who we are

The prodigy lending is where home buyers meet with our professional mortgage experts to get solutions for property loans. We make it easier for our clients to own homes by giving various mortgage options with attractive interest rates. The refinance, consolidation of debts and purchase of a home can be done through our different loan options. 

Check the following mortgage options tailored for you

VA mortgages

The VA home loan in Lillian provides 100% financing to borrowers who meet the eligibility criteria. There is no need for mortgage insurance, and one gets low-interest rates. The mortgage option is also cheaper since the home buyer does not have to pay the closing cost. The credit score and income level are not taken into consideration, making it easier for many to qualify.

Conventional mortgages

The conventional mortgage guidelines follow those set by Freddie and Mac. You can benefit significantly from this type of loan since there is only 3% down payment with attractive interest rates. The mortgage cost is low since it is less risky because those awarded have excellent credit ratings. The lender fees are not paid for by the home buyer and mortgage insurance needed is cheaper. The terms are also flexible, and the borrower has an option of choosing 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. 

USDA mortgages

The USDA home loans are suitable for those who may not be able to raise the down payment because the loans give 100% with good interest rates. The mortgage insurance needed is low-cost, and one has to meet the income and home location requirement to get approved.

FHA mortgages

The FHA loans have down payment of 3.5 percent, which is quite affordable, given that one can use money from friends to finance it. The interest rates are also reasonable, and one can even apply for Rehab loans. It is quite easy to qualify for FHA loans since it is not very strict on credit scores. To qualify, one has to have a high debt to income ratio.

The goal of prodigy is to ensure the clients are satisfied to ensure continued provision of mortgage services to them. We keep our client’s information private, and this has earned us trust across the lending community in the US. The company has been existence for more than 17 years, and all this time we have provided award-winning services to our clients. 

Prodigy lending has also won the award as being the Top workplaces in the US for the past eight years. This is as a result of our devotion to excellence in the work environment. Our professional mortgages experts are ready to help individual clients is getting the right home loan with low-interest rates. For example, VA home loans in Lillian gives 100% financing at exceptional interest rates. 

Contact us and get help from mortgage experts to achieve your dream of homeownership. The prodigy site is also interactive, and clients can chat with us to get their answer. The rates are changing according to the economic conditions, including those of VA home loans in Fort Worth. To get a free quote, fill in a request form and start the pre-approval process now.