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Prodigy lending comprises of a group of home lenders based in all parts of America. We offer unique mortgage loan services that have lowest terms for all the homebuyers needs. Our mortgage professionals have several years of experience, and they assist you in picking the right mortgage loan from the variety that we have. Our mortgage loans are designed for the first home, dream home, refinancing of the current credit, or even for merging debts. Whatever your need is, we have the most suitable product for you. We have several loans such as conventional loans, FHA loans, USDA mortgage loans, and VA home loans in Southlake.

We help you to pick the right home credit by explaining to you about each of the following programs:

Conventional home loans

Although traditional loans do not have government protection, they have several properties that make them attractive to home buyers that include the following:

  • 3% down payment – this is low in comparison to other private loans
  • The private mortgage insurance is little in contrast to that of FHA
  • The buyer can choose the term of the mortgage from 10, 15, 20, or 30 years
  • The loan can have low-interest rates if the credit score is approved
  • They have no lender fees

FHA home loans

FHA home loans are government-insured, making them affordable to the home buyer and less risky to the lender. They have the following highlights:

  • 3.5% down payment which is low compared to other mortgage loans
  • The mortgage loans have easy qualification requirements
  • The interest rates are attractive to the buyer
  • There is the availability of rehab loans for renovation fo properties
  • Their DTI ratio is higher

VA home loans

We have the best VA home loan rates in Southlake that make it easy for veterans to qualify. The loans have the following highlights:

  • 100% financing for the veterans
  • They have zero mortgage insurance for the veterans
  • The closing costs are lower than for other loans
  • They have easy qualification requirements for the veterans
  • With VA loans, one gets the best rates for a government loan

USDA home loans

USDA home loan is another type of mortgage loan that enjoys government protection making it affordable for homebuyers wishing to purchase properties in rural areas and other places that fit in this description. The loans have the following highlights: 

  • 100% financing
  • They have low rates with no down payment
  • The loans have low-interest rates for 100% loan
  • Their mortgage insurance cost is low
  • One’s income must be sufficient to cater for the loans, and the property must be in a qualifying location

At Prodigy lending our primary goal is to forge a lasting bond with our clients to serve you for many more years. We maintain the safety and privacy of your information, and we are trusted in the whole lending community. Our clients have the liberty of using our communication tools to speak directly to loan professionals.

We have served for more than seventeen years and won Top Work Places award for the last eight years. Our experienced loans experts are ever willing to assist homebuyers in making the right choice and since we offer the current VA home loan rates in Southlake, don’t hesitate to use our products before the market condition changes.

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