Financial Resources for Individuals and Businesses in Northern Texas

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a range of business programs to stimulate the creation and growth of rural businesses in Northern Texas.


are managed by the Economic Development Finance group within the Texas Economic Development and Tourism department. For local incentives, contact your local economic development representative. The USDA also provides homeownership opportunities to low- and moderate-income rural Americans through loan programs, grants, and loan guarantees.

These funds are available to finance the vital improvements needed to make homes decent, safe, and sanitary. In addition, USDA multifamily housing programs offer rural rental housing loans to provide affordable multi-family rental housing to very low, low, and moderate income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Rental assistance is also available to eligible families. The Texas Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network has the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to succeed.

The Small Business Resource Portal provides a personalized list of useful resources to help start or grow a business in Texas. The Skills Development Fund is an innovative program created to help public, community, and technical universities in Texas fund personalized job training for their local companies. Northern Texas is a great place for individuals and businesses alike to take advantage of the financial resources available. The USDA provides homeownership opportunities for those with low- and moderate-income backgrounds as well as multifamily housing loans for those who need it most.

Additionally, the SBDC Network offers a range of resources to help start or grow a business in the region. Through their Small Business Resource Portal and Skills Development Fund, entrepreneurs can access personalized job training and other helpful resources. For those looking to take advantage of these financial resources in Northern Texas, it's important to contact your local economic development representative for more information on incentives available in your area. Additionally, the SBDC Network can provide personalized resources to help you get started or expand your business.

With these resources at your disposal, you can make the most of the financial opportunities available in Northern Texas.