The Best Financial Planning Firms in Northern Texas

Wealth Partners Alliance Family Office is a Dallas-based wealth management firm that has been providing clients with expert guidance for more than 22 years. Their philosophy is to simplify, not sell, and they use a personalized approach and specialized execution in many services. Tolleson Wealth Management is a multi-family office that was established to manage the founder's family wealth. They strive to understand the individual needs and values of their clients and offer comprehensive solutions.

Level Four Advisory Services is an independent wealth management firm in Dallas that focuses on providing objective and proactive advice. This firm has been in business for over 18 years, and the team has decades of collective experience. They use a team-based approach, allowing specialists in those specific areas to address different financial needs. CH Investment Partners is a firm with more than 25 years of experience helping people manage their wealth. They believe in personalized wallets along with an individualized service and use a cooperative approach in their company.

Their strategy is to discover the needs, create a plan, implement the strategies and, finally, monitor and report. Brighton Jones offers wealth management services in and around Dallas. Their CFO team develops a deep understanding of people's future goals and current lifestyles to create and implement a personalized financial plan. Leap Wealth Management, LLC, is a Dallas-based firm that serves individual clients and businesses in the local metropolitan area. Its founder, Chris Leap, is a certified financial planner who served as a senior advisor at Ameriprise Financial Inc.

He and his team review clients' financial goals, such as retirement and education, to develop annual strategies. They also review financial records and investments to avoid potential losses and risky decisions. Edelman Financial Engines offers objective and commission-free asset management and advice to help you build a better financial future. They also provide trust services and are legally and ethically obliged to put the interests of clients before their own. Fisher Investments services for private clients include portfolio management, annuity conversion, financial planning and retirement planning.

Their portfolio management services aim to maximize returns within specific risk parameters. True North Advisors is an independent investment advisor in Dallas, Texas, that seeks to help its clients live fuller lives. They are committed to a customer-centric approach and a conflict-free model, offering trust services, a unified team of collaborative advisors and are 100 percent owned by employees. RGT Wealth Advisors work together as a team to develop innovative strategies for asset management. Southern Wealth Management in Dallas, Texas, provides financial advisory services in seven major disciplines, including taxation, business financial planning and family services. The company treats financial planning as a living system, so it doesn't receive a “one-stop shop” service.

The financial advisors at RGT Wealth Advisors work together as a team to develop innovative strategies for asset management. True North's financial advisors in Dallas created the Three-Sixty process to better understand their clients and their money management objectives. These initial consultations are free of charge and without obligation. The company recently merged with former Western Research & Management to offer clients a wider range of investment services. Tolleson Wealth Management offers an extensive range of financial advisory services for select families with substantial amounts of wealth to manage. The ratio of one financial advisor for every eight clients at Tolleson Wealth Management ensures services with attention to detail and a personal touch. RGT Wealth Advisors was founded in 1985 as an independent firm that provides financial advisory services only in exchange for fees.

While a significant percentage of clients are among the extremely wealthy, RGT works with others to help them achieve their financial goals. The company may waive the minimum asset requirement or charge a lower fee.